Enable Infrastructure implement Nutshell

Enable Infrastructure implement Nutshell

27 October 2020

Enable Infrastructure (formerly known as BCM Construction) has been collaborating with Nutshell to digitalise the IMS across the company.

Enable Infrastructure has created bespoke apps with Nutshell which are then auto assigned to the relevant on-site teams to complete. This technology is at the forefront of this revolutionary digital transformation initiative, providing the mobile capability behind the suite of ground-breaking apps at its core. This is part of our continuous efforts to improve efficiency and the sustainability performance of the company.

Our on-site teams now have access to tablets with capabilities to correspond with our internal systems where they can fill out and submit audit and inspection forms as well as daily reports. These are then automatically logged and organised correctly within the internal files, thus driving efficiencies in our operations, and heading towards a paperless environment.

Over the past year Enable Infrastructure, while working collaboratively with Nutshell, has created a bespoke digitalised platform for our IMS. A large focus for the introduction of this technology was to ensure ease of completion and filing of site paperwork whilst on remote sites. Consequently, improving compliance and completeness of records that are automatically filed electronically, thus saving administration time and paper. This is all contributing towards the long-term benefit of improved management reporting and centralised processing of KPIs.

This technology has now been introduced to the on-site teams for nearly a month now and we are already seeing the above benefits, with more time being spent on the job at hand. Finally, it is further contributing to our goal of becoming a paperless company.