Environment & Sustainability


With our industry accounting for nearly 40% of global energy consumption, 25% of global water usage and 33% of greenhouse gases, the environmental and sustainability performance of construction firms and related operations are, rightly, scrutinised very closely. We play our own part in this scrutiny at Enable, where we take a proactive approach to carbon reduction and incorporate sustainability into our Company Values.  

With support from the Enable Board, our Environment & Sustainability Manager and their team audit the breadth of our business to identify areas for improvement and explore opportunities for innovation. This is reinforced by our department leads, to ensure all areas of the business are working in line with our Sustainable Business Plan and that it is implemented daily by our workforce.  

UK legislation is tightening to ensure that, as an industry, governmental targets relating to climate change are met. At Enable, we want to lead in this area and outperform our peers. We are bidding for, and already carrying out, projects with direct positive impacts on UK infrastructure. In line with this, we are diversifying and constantly evolving our own methods of work, including the procurement and implementation of electric, solar and hydrogen-powered fleet, plant and equipment.  

As a business, we acknowledge both the hard truths surrounding climate challenge – including the direct impact of the construction & engineering industry – and the arduous task that lies ahead. We are working hard, and will continue to do so, to reduce our impact to zero.