New Fleet

New Fleet

17 February 2021

At Enable Welfare we recognise the difficulty companies face when trying to provide welfare facilities to their mobile workforce especially when working in numerous transient locations. Our welfare vans provide the perfect solution, providing not only a means of transport to site for a full team, but a full welfare set up too. This includes a heated messing area with comfortable seating and a table, a kitchenette with sink, Covid secure screens to segregate the van, microwave and boiling water for hot beverages. Each van has a flushable unisex toilet and drying room with forearm washing facilities.

We thoroughly inspect and test our vans when we receive them to ensure that they are reliable and meet the high standards that our customers expect.

At Enable Welfare we pride ourselves on the quality of service you receive. This means our vans are delivered clean, decontaminated and fully stocked with consumables.

Enable also offer a mobile cleaning, decontamination and re-stocking service for welfare vans that are out in the field, providing a very convenient way for our customers to ensure that the workforce enjoy clean, fully stocked welfare facilities including emptying and servicing the WC.

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