Enable Infrastructure Complete Network Rail Track Worker Safety Sites (TWSS)

Enable Infrastructure Complete Network Rail Track Worker Safety Sites (TWSS)

2 June 2021

Network Rail Track Worker Safety Sites (TWSS)

Enable Infrastructure (formerly known as BCM Construction) has now completed the design, installation and hand-back of 19 Track Worker Safety Sites for Network Rail – all in 4 months!

Access Points on the Rail Infrastructure have evolved over the last 150 years and therefore are often not the result of designed solutions with their inherent Health & Safety considerations.

In recent years, Network Rail has set out to improve access points and has rightly placed Health & Safety at the forefront of their plans.

Track workers and maintenance staff access the operational railway in all weathers and at any time, often encountering challenging conditions.

Working collaboratively with Network Rail, Enable Infrastructure has designed solutions that provide safe walkways, stairs and footpaths whilst ensuring separation to the operational railway.

Whilst some of these solutions include large bespoke staircases and landings, some can be simple solutions such as the introduction of a new gate and footpath. However, the simpler solutions are no less effective in allowing safe access for track workers and inspectors without encroaching onto the lines. For example, many of the lineside cabinets around level crossings were not readily accessible without venturing onto track and therefore unnecessary risk was being imported into the duties of inspection and maintenance of these assets.

Enable Infrastructure are proud to be involved in these Safety Critical Works and consider this a great example of a preventative approach, minimising risks at the source and providing for Safe Working Practices.