Enable Infrastructure Donate Specialist Surveys and Volunteer Cabin to Spitalfields City Farm

Enable Infrastructure Donate Specialist Surveys and Volunteer Cabin to Spitalfields City Farm

10 June 2021

Enable Infrastructure (formerly known as BCM Construction) have recently undertaken a volunteering project at Spitalfields City Farm upon their successful completion of the platform extensions and renovations at London Liverpool Street Station for MTR Elizabeth Line.

Enable Infrastructure always look to see how they can positively impact the local community through their resources and capabilities. In this instance, we contacted Spitalfields City Farm, which was located opposite our Bethnal Green Site Compound.

The farm welcomes school children and people from the local area giving them the opportunity to become members of their community whilst encouraging participation in the development of the farm. With an array of animals, plants and interactive workshops, this space is becoming ever more popular.

Enable Infrastructure visited site to explore how we could best support their community work.  They highlighted the poor condition of a cabin used as a classroom/ space for volunteers on site and they also talked about their hopes to expand and develop the site further for the community in the future, but that they were struggling with plans owing to poor historical records of the site and its utility services.

We therefore decided to help.

Our sister company Equate Design undertook a TOPO survey of the site and we employed a specialist contractor to undertake a drainage survey. We also donated a new insulated cabin which will be used as a space for regular volunteers and community groups that visit the farm.

Jamie Morrish, Site Development Manager at Spitalfields City Farm said “For 50 years Spitalfields City Farm has been connecting people back with nature through growing food crops, caring for animals and providing a haven for wildlife. Over the years, the farm and gardens have grown in a organic/ unstructured way which, though charming, means a lot of hard labour goes into its upkeep. Enable Infrastructure and MTR, have given us the chance to develop our site in a more cohesive way – starting from the ground up. The surveys have given us a greater understanding of the site and its potential. It’s an exciting time for us and this insight from Enable Infrastructure and MTR has created the foundation upon which we can take a more holistic approach to our development.  Ultimately helping us to grow better and do better for the community we serve.”

Jenny Peters, Environment & Sustainability Manager at Enable Infrastructure said “With limited space in the city Spitalfields City Farm provides a key outdoor sanctuary and meeting place in the community for those wanting to learn and escape.  We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to assist the farm and equally pleased that we were able to offer specialist construction and design services that will support the farm for years to come.”

Together with MTR Elizabeth Line, Enable Infrastructure are proud to have assisted in the development of the local area, creating a lasting legacy.