Enable Power Systems Commence 3 Projects For New Client DLR.

Enable Power Systems Commence 3 Projects For New Client DLR.

22 June 2021

BCM Power Systems Commence 3 Projects For New Client DLR

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is a modern driverless, electrically operated, high frequency urban rail system covering the Docklands area in East and South East London, United Kingdom. The Railway currently has 39 route kilometres of track, 45 stations and operates 149 light rail vehicles. DLR is part of the Transport for London (TFL) which is responsible for the delivery of London’s transport services on behalf of the Mayor of London.

This is the first time Enable Infrastructure (formerly known as BCM Construction) have worked for DLR, and we look forward to showcasing our power system capabilities throughout the project.

The first of 3 projects being the design, supply, installation, and replacement of 750V DC switchgear type HSNP at Beckton substation and Custom House substation. The replacement of the switchgear will reduce emergency maintenance and therefore reduce service disruption, whilst increasing the reliability of the network and resilience of the railway by removing life expired equipment that is more vulnerable to faults.

The second scope is the East Route Replacement of Life Expired Ring Mains. This involves the Upgrade of HV switchgear at DLR HV rooms located in 11 East Route stations and in Network Control Centre. Additionally, modifications shall be made to the HV feeding system to include a modern automatic HV interlocking scheme to inhibit paralleling of infeed DNO supplies from Poplar and Beckton.

New battery chargers of a suitable rating for the new installation shall be installed at all sites. A modern HV protection scheme for protection of connected feeder and transformer circuits shall be integrated within the new HV switchgear.

The final scope of works is the replacement of 11kV switchgear type VMX at Royal Mint Street substation (RMS) and Bow Church substation (BCS) with modern equivalent. This will provide:

  • Improved maintainability and safety for HV equipment.
  • Increased reliability and availability of the HV network
  • Safer isolation and earthing arrangements.

Enable Infrastructure’s in house power engineering solution Enable Power Systems (formerly known as BCM Power Systems) have a vast scope of work to complete over the next couple of years, and we are looking forward to building a relationship with DLR by delivering the above works to a high standard.