Broadening Horizons – The Emerging Leaders Development Programme

Broadening Horizons – The Emerging Leaders Development Programme

29 October 2021


It has been an exciting year so far within Enable Infrastructure (formerly known as BCM Construction), as we execute our three-year strategic plan for growth with a new Vision and Values. We also aligned our operational infrastructure and launched several new leadership development initiatives to advance and expand the capabilities of our high-potential leaders.

‘Our Vision is to provide our clients with a tailored approach to delivering social value through successful infrastructure projects.’

‘We are investing in our “high potentials” to strengthen our talent bench as we grow our business,’ said Shane O’Halloran, Managing Director. ‘Our people are critical to our success and we actively sponsor personal and professional development as an integral part of our people plan. Broadening Horizons is our new “Emerging Leaders” development programme.’

It was important to Enable Infrastructure to develop a new internal twelve-month development programme that stretched and challenged some of our younger leaders. This year, the Broadening Horizons cohort comprises successful candidates from a cross section of the company, who represent the diversity within our project teams. It is also encouraging to see that approximately 60% of this year’s cohort are women.

Broadening Horizons is aimed at developing enhanced leadership skills with an in-depth look at each candidate’s personal and professional toolkit, and elevating their readiness for a more senior role as part of our future succession plans. The programme develops candidates’ capabilities through four modules that are supported with a leadership toolbox, workshops, team builds and personal one-on-one coaching.

Module 1 – Self Awareness
Outstanding leaders have high self awareness and a deep understanding of others. We draw on the benefits of using the Thomas International Personality Profile Analysis and an EQ assessment to support candidates’ awareness to help them focus on their development needs. Through this process, we shape individual personal objectives for optimum value.

Module 2 – Living our Values
Throughout the programme, candidates take a leading role in supporting our company values and in bringing them to life through work groups and initiatives. Moreover, they attain a deeper appreciation of their impact as role models that ‘Live the Values’ and develop a more balanced leadership style; a style that is adaptable and consistent in engaging others in the delivery of a sustainable high performance.

Module 3 – Leading with Impact
Our focus on developing Authentic Leadership is in line with our values and organisational culture. We build on our leadership competencies while staying mindful of our values such as ‘Proactive Ownership Mindset’ and ‘Collaboration’ to further explore how, as leaders, candidates can maximise their impact among both internal and external stakeholders.

Module 4 – Better Business Leaders
Candidates take on a ‘Shadow Board’ role during the programme, which provides exposure to wider business challenges and the opportunity to experience the responsibility and complexity of the decision-making process at a strategic level. They broaden their horizons and develop a deeper understanding of the business, while becoming effective change leaders that drive value and improve our competitive positioning within the market structure.

As we push forward beyond the challenges of the last 18 months, we continue to invest in our talent pipeline, resulting in a pool of potential candidates that are ready to step into key roles across our organisation as soon as the opportunity is presented or our growth warrants it.

The key to our success is our Values that inspire our leadership and cultural aspirations through a ‘Proactive Ownership Mindset’ that unites and empowers our people in our Vision. This mindset reinforces our competitive operational capabilities and brand reputation as a well governed, values driven, and innovative service provider that delivers social value through high-quality civil engineering infrastructure projects.