What are welfare vans?

What are welfare vans?

7 December 2021

What are welfare vans?
Understanding the basics of welfare vans for hire

Welfare vans are vehicles used to provide basic amenities in places where it might otherwise be difficult or impossible to do so. Expect, as a minimum, to see proper hand-washing facilities, toilets, somewhere to get changed, chairs and a table – although Enable Welfare’s vans in fact provide rather more than that, and all of them include that other ‘essential’: a water boiler for making a brew!

Welfare van hire is about providing people with the basic comforts they should be able to expect when they need to take a break during the working day or get ready for the journey home.

Welfare vans are widely used by construction, infrastructure and utilities companies, but also in many other sectors, too, from the TV & film industry through to health.

So, do employers have to provide them? If your employees are working in an environment where no toilet, hot running water or canteen is already provided, the answer is probably ‘yes’. All UK employers have a legal obligation under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 to ensure that basic facilities are provided. And for construction sites, The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 specify the following ‘minimum welfare facilities’: ‘sanitary conveniences’; ‘washing facilities’; ‘drinking water’; ‘changing rooms & lockers’, and ‘rest rooms or rest areas’.

Thanks to clever design using high-quality materials and new technology, our welfare hire vans provide all of this, and more, in a safe (VCA Type approved), convenient and highly mobile vehicle.

When it comes to the welfare van hire price, our Standard vans are currently going out at £260 per week, the Eco at £280 and the Premium at £290. There is a minimum of one-week hire, and we will negotiate preferential rates on longer-term welfare van rental, which we count as three months or more.

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