The quest for net zero: how our mobile welfare units are low-carbon

The quest for net zero: how our mobile welfare units are low-carbon

11 January 2022

At Enable Welfare, we are fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint and we actively look at ways to cut carbon output in every aspect of what we do. We know, of course, that the same goes for many of our customers, too: you have important environmental corporate social responsibility goals to fulfil, not to mention keeping up with changing regulations and legislation. Our approach combines low-carbon engine admissions, along with renewables, power-saving equipment and other fast-emerging technologies.

Net Zero Carbon at point of use, 16ft Towable Welfare Powered by Solar and Hydrogen.

Because they come with ultra-modern diesel generators, all our 16ft towable units can run, as delivered from the manufacturer, on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. HVO offers a significant reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions over diesel. To get you started, we will supply you with a full tank of HVO at the beginning of the hire.

Our mobile welfare units come fully insulated and are fitted with PIR sensors and LED lighting, all of which helps reduce power consumption.

To cut carbon still further, take a look at our Hybrid-Eco welfare cabins, which are equipped with a solar panel that supports the battery, thus reducing the consumption of fuel.

This is a Net Zero emmission 24ft static unit. Hydrogen/Solar powered.


Or, for the ultimate in environmentally friendly towable welfare unit hire, there are our state-of-the-art Ecosmart ZERO CO2 Welfare Units, due to arrive with us early in 2022. These will combine solar panels with a back-up hydrogen fuel cell, completely eliminating the need for a diesel generator and cutting out local carbon emissions entirely.