Safety and wellbeing are a construction site priority

Safety and wellbeing are a construction site priority

20 July 2022

We get it. When you’re setting up a new site, there’s so much to think about, so much to do. At such a busy time, it’s easy for mistakes to occur. But mistakes on construction sites are a serious business. And, as the saying goes, accidents don’t just happen. There’s always at least one reason, and, more often than not, it boils down to human error.

With so much at stake, the last thing you want at this early stage is an accident causing injury or even death, so it pays to plan the set-up carefully, not least when it comes to the delivery of your site welfare cabins. 

At Enable Welfare, we’re keen to take safety risks right out of the equation for you when you come to us for site welfare facilities hire, and that starts even before our welfare units arrive. As a matter of course, we carry out pre-delivery quality and safety inspections on all our units, and they are supplied with the necessary electrical safety certificates. We can also arrange pre-delivery site inspections with our clients to confirm arrangements in advance, making sure that everything happens in a controlled, planned way. 

When delivery day comes, you can rely on us to do things smoothly, professionally and, above all, safely. All our lorries are to the FORS* Standard and are crewed by experienced operators. If required, our sister company Enable Hire can arrange a ‘contract lift’, undertaking the crane lifting operations and assuming all responsibility for safety.

Once your static welfare units are up and running, they will be playing their own part in preventing accidents, too. After all, mistakes and accidents on a construction site are much more likely to occur if morale is low, or workers are cold, wet and tired. So looking after their wellbeing is not just a legal responsibility and the right thing to do morally, it’s essential for site safety. These cabins are a good place to bring everyone in out of the weather so that safety briefings can be given properly, without any of the distractions found outside. And most of all, site welfare units keep your workforce safe and happy, providing a clean refuge where workers can dry off, warm up, grab a cup of tea and eat their lunch together away from the wind, rain, dust and mud.

*Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme