📣Enable Infrastructure install more than 20 kilometres of tactile paving📣

📣Enable Infrastructure install more than 20 kilometres of tactile paving📣

30 March 2023

At stations across the Wessex region for our client Network Rail, Enable infrastructure have been working hard to install more than 20,000 metres of new tactile platform paving. Work started in August of 2022, and will be completed this summer with a target of nearly 28 kilometres in total.

Enable teams have been out working, often during intensive weekend possessions throughout the project, such as a 27 hour possession in February which saw over 2000 linear metres of over the weekend of February 18th & 19th.

Platform tactile paving is designed to make platforms a safer more accessible place for visually impaired people, helping them to navigate their journey with more comfort and assurance. Enable are proud to undertake such life enhancing work as part of our mission to create infrastructure solutions with lasting community value.

These works have been procured via Network Rail Southern Buildings and Civils Framework that Enable Infrastructure hold.

Regan Stanley Robert Miles, Project Manager said: “Delivery of the Wessex Tactiles project has been a real challenge for Enable Infrastructure; with support of Enable Resourcing, Enable Hire and the supply chain, a meticulous blockade style of planning has resulted in fantastic outputs with a high level of customer satisfaction and quality installations.”