🔌Enable Power Systems well underway on the DLR!💡

🔌Enable Power Systems well underway on the DLR!💡

27 July 2023

Our dedicated, specialist Enable Power Systems team has been hard at work over the summer. Check out what’s been happening:

👷 Works In-Progress 👷

  1. LVAC Backup Supply – Royal Mint Street Following the successful completion of 2 x Rectifier Transformer replacement variations at Royal Mint Street in 2022, we have now taken on an exciting new variation – the installation of a Low Voltage Alternating Current (LVAC) backup supply. This involves setting up a new distributor board and isolator panel in the substation, along with a 300m cable-pull trackside, dressed into a newly installed cable management tray. The cable runs through Bank Tunnel and into Bank Portal LV Room. Our capable team will handle the entire commissioning process for the backup LV supply. 💪
  2. Commissioning of 750vDC Switchboard at Poplar We are delighted to have been awarded a contract for works at the Poplar substation and Stephenson Street Substation. Our Power Systems Team quickly mobilised to work on this live project. The team successfully transferred 8 x track feeder circuits onto the new 750vDC Switchboard, a demanding task. However, we managed to achieve it over just a 2-week period! 🎉Next on the agenda is to change over the Depot side of the board and proceed with the installation and re-routing of an HV Circuit Breaker at Stephenson Street.

Mick Curry, DLR Project Manager said: “Enable Power Systems carried out excellent work at Poplar substation for the migration of the Mainline DC switchboard. Poplar is a critical site for the network, and I’m pleased to say that the work was carried out seamlessly, without incident and most of all, zero impact on operations.”

Martin Dansey, Head of Enable Power Systems said: “I’m really pleased with the progress we’ve made working for Transport for London on the DLR at Poplar and Royal Mint Street. These have been complex works, yet the team has performed excellently in meeting the client’s objectives in challenging environments.” 🌟